Discoveri is a game-based learning platform used in schools and universities, corporate  offices, social settings, sporting and cultural events. For teachers and students, Discoveri  helps to introduce, review and retain knowledge in a fun, interactive and engaging way,  both in class and as homework. Discoveri’s mission is to make learning awesome in all contexts.

Since its launch in 2013, Discoveri has surpassed 1.6 billion cumulative players. The largest  Discoveri user groups are students and teachers. In 2017, more than 47% of K-12 teachers in  the US signed up to the platform to make learning more fun, engaging and impactful. In  the same year, more than 50% of K-12 students in the US used Discoveri every month of the  school year.  


After signing up for an account, any Discoveri user can create a game - such as a multiple-choice quiz, our most popular game type - on any topic/concept, for any subject, in any language. Users can also choose a ready-to-play game from our public library on the platform.

To play Discoveri, all you need is a mobile device, laptop or desktop with an internet connection and a web browser.  

The classic​ ​live game experience​ ​is playing Discoveri in a classroom with questions displayed on a shared screen, which engages students’ attention. They use their own devices as game controllers to answer the questions. In ​challenge mode,​ ​players compete against each other remotely to reinforce knowledge they’ve gained in class. Both questions and answers are displayed on their mobile devices inside the Discoveri app.

Players don’t need an account in order to play a Discoveri, so they can remain anonymous in the game by using nicknames. Some teachers hosting games encourage students to use their real names, but this is also up to you! After a game, you can access a downloadable report including gameplay results to track student performance, assess learning outcomes, evaluate knowledge retention and gain valuable insights for your next class.


Discoveri​ is our product with essential features millions of users are familiar with, and it’s​ ​free for school teachers.

​Discoveri for schools, ​including two plans - Discoveri Plus and Pro, is our  additional solution for teachers, schools and school/district administrators. It includes a set  of advanced features focused on collaboration, detailed reporting and tools to save time on  game creation.    

Features in Discoveri:

  • Create games - most commonly, a multiple choice quiz - on any topic, in any  language
  • Host games in a live setting
  • Assign Discoveris as homework with the challenge feature
  • Search from millions of Discoveris in our library of ready-to-play games
  • Download game reports as spreadsheets
  • Choose from 2,000 royalty-free images in our built-in image library when creating  Discoveris 

Advanced features - only available in Discoveri for schools:

  • Co-create, edit and share learning games together with other teachers in your school’s private team space 
  • Your team space serves as a shared Discoveri bank that current and future teachers  can access, saving precious time on finding relevant learning games 
  • Structure your school’s Discoveris by subject, grade, department or other criteria using  our folder feature
  • Save time creating high quality Discoveris and increase student engagement by using  our built-in, searchable image library with millions of images (Discoveri Pro)
  • Track student progress, step up formative assessment and improve learning  outcomes with detailed, visual reports that can be shared between educators and admins 
  • Give your school’s admins visibility into Discoveris creation and data by adding them to  your team space
  • Boost school spirit and student engagement by having your school’s logo or mascot  in all Discoveris 
  • Get a public profile where you can showcase Discoveris you created (upon request in  Discoveri Pro)